#30daysofgoodwork - the beginning

I shared this video on Facebook recently--a friend had shared it from her friend who shot it, Alex Cequea, and I was blown away by how forward-thinking it was and positive even when the filmmaker did not believe in what was happening in the country under a Trump presidency. 

With so much resistance and noise--memes and screams about the injustice, I wanted to make something else viral, or at least call attention to people who were doing work for good every day. 

For the month of February, I decided that I wanted to share a story of someone who is making change for the better through their work. Work that is actually making a difference in other people's lives.


  • The people or organizations are American or helping Americans.
  • I will not share, promote, comment, or raise the visibility of posts that are made to harm.
  • I'm sure I'll have others but I'm coming up short right now.

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